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 There are over 5 million Tibetans, yet not even 1% know Christ! Most have no Bible in their heart language. You could walk for weeks and never meet anyone who has heard the name of Jesus Christ!


How shall they hear without a preacher? How shall we preach without a Bible?



New Prayer Letter!

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October 10, 2014

One in a Thousand!

September 28, 2014

Luke making balloon animals at the Stupa

A few weeks ago, 8 workers gave out water and balloon animals at the Stupa. This is where Tibetans walk around the Buddhist temple spinning prayer wheels. We gave out hundreds of literature from our church.

The day after, we met an elderly Sherpa Tibetan lady outside our office. Some one had dropped some of our literature on the ground near the place she lived. She seemed interested in Christianity but didn't come to our services the next day.

Dolma Ani with Paul and Jason

The following week, while walking with my two sons, we saw Dolma Ani on the street! It was raining and we had a chance to talk with her (the best I could with my Nepali.) The next morning, while starting our Bible class, we were taking prayer requests and mentioned Dolma Ani. Before we got to praying, guess who was knocking on the door?

Dolma Ani with two family members

She had enjoyed herself so much and promised to come back. Sure enough, a week later, she returned to our services and brought two of her relatives! Please pray for this family to understand the message of the Gospel!

A Dream Come True

September 20, 2014

Three and a half years ago I had looked at the stars, and was so grateful to know the God who made them. Then I thought about people on the other side of the world, such as the Tibetans, who have no idea who made the stars. I told God I wanted to go tell them, if He would let me. 

Saturday morning, I awoke to realize this dream had come true! At eight o'clock Saturday morning, eight workers and my two sons walked about 10 minutes to the Tibetan school and got set up. Around 100 students poured through the doors and sat down eagerly watching us. Amazingly, the kids sat so well for the half hour program with only one staff member who came and went! 


With Bro. Gedung translating, I taught the Creation story using balloons.  We emphasized that the eternal God has all power, yet loves mankind very much. This may seem old news to most Americans, but for a Tibetan is still a foreign idea. Buddhism teaches there is no God whatsoever, and  "deliverance from sin" is provided by the doctrine of self-reliance and good works. Thank you again for praying for this special outreach.

Sent to the Principal's Office

A miraculous open door!

Our small Tibetan church here is planning an outreach to children. We made up flyers and I went with one of our men to a large Tibetan school nearby (2nd largest in Kathmandu). We were directed to the Principal's office on the third floor. (There are several buildings on the school grounds, a boarding house for over 200 children and 400 additional students.)

We spoke with the Principal, who is also a Lama. We told him we are Christians and want to offer a special time of teaching and fun for the children. He was okay about the fact we want to teach the Bible, but didn't want to send any of his boarding students to our location.


BUT, we could come for an half hour to the school and teach the Bible! So we went again to meet with the Headmaster. While waiting in the Principal's office, the Lama asked my Tibetan friend why he became a Christian. My friend, a former monk himself, boldly explained that he compared Christianity with Buddhism and was convinced that Christianity is true. At a critical point in the conversation, the phone rang (of course) and that part of the conversation ended...but God is not done, I'm sure!

Finally, the Headmaster arrived and gave us a tour of a couple rooms we could use for teaching. He bent over backwards to accommodate us and will provide a sound system as well. We found out there will be 41 boys and 50 girls (from ages 6-12) that will be attending our meeting on Saturday morning at 9am, September 20th! This is nothing short of a miracle. We plan to use a couple Thanka drawings (Tibetan art as pictured above) of  the Creation and Fall stories of the Bible. Please be in prayer for this special opportunity!

Latest Update

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Perfect Timing

Pasang the Tamang with Luke

Recently, I was at a nearby shop getting some copies made of a booklet of questions from the Book of John. I had just got it translated into Nepali to be used for Bible study. While the copier was operating, this man walked in and saw the paper with a picture of a Bible and cross on the front. He pointed at it and asked me if I was a Christian. I said, "Yes!" Pasang told me he also was a Christian and wanted a copy of the booklet. He is Tamang, but reads only Nepali. He waited and I gave him a copy. Then he asked me for a Bible to go with it...I reckon, that could be arranged! So we walked down to the office and I got him a new Nepali Bible and showed him how to use the study guide with it. Then he asked about a hymnal. By the time he left, he practically had a church start-up kit! You never know who you will meet next around here. 

Family Update

Celebrating our first four months!

Heart of the 10x40 Window

See if you agree!

Most of us have heard of the 10x40 window, where the greatest need for mission work remains. As I have studied these maps, it has surprised me to learn that there is a high concentration of unreached people groups in a particular region. Watch the video below to see for yourself. Perhaps, you will arrive at the same conclusion I have. Although, I must admit that I am a little biased!

If you enjoyed the Heart of the 10x40 Window video, you will be interested to learn how the Gospel effectively travelled the globe from the time of Christ. Watch the video below to learn about some key ingredients necessary for a people group to receive God's Word and pass it on to future generations!

The History of World Evangelism

See how the Gospel went Westward

Caught in the Knick of Time!

Just seconds away from losing this bike

I couldn't believe it ... he was walking away with my bike! A few days ago, I had met up with a friend at a bank to open an account. Since we had to fill out some paperwork, we decided to do it over lunch. So I hopped on his motorcycle, leaving behind the bicycle I was borrowing in the care of the security guards - not bothering to lock it up.

 About an hour later, we pulled up to the garage of the bank, and something caught my eye. A teenage boy dressed in his school uniform was walking a bicycle out, as we were going in. The bike looked familiar, and I did a double take. Sure enough, it was the $250 bike I was borrowing! I jumped off the motorcycle and ran to the bike and grabbed it. I gave the lad a brief lecture of “Thou shalt not steal.” He probably didn’t understand what I was saying, but definitely knew why I was saying it!

As I walked the bike back in, I told the security guards what happened. They were quite sorry, yet relieved. Yes, I proceeded to lock it up before leaving it out of my sight again. I realized that though I can’t take ANYTHING for granted, God still sees everything. Had we arrived five seconds later, I would not have been able to stop the thief! Praise the Lord, He is a PRESENT help in trouble.

Q & A about Deputation

with Calvary Baptist Church in Lakeland, FL

A fresh approach to missions

with Dr. Charles Keen

During a recent mission's conference, we had the privilege of being with Dr. Charles Keen and his wife. Dr. Keen founded Bearing Precious Seed while pastoring in Milford, Ohio. He has a great burden for reaching the remaining Unreached People Groups and founded First Bible International. His book Thinking Outside the Box has been a great blessing to me. If you want to be challenged with a fresh approach to missions, I would highly recommend this excellent publication!

You may get your own copy at!/~/product/category=2139355&id=9038456

Getting Fully Equipped

Intensive Medical Class

July 12, 2013 - Paul told Timothy that the man of God should be "throughly furnished unto all good works." I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend a Missionary Medical Intensive course for almost two weeks in Canada. The training was provided by doctors and nurses with Equip International. Their purpose is to prepare missionaries with the ability to make decisions in medical emergencies, diagnose symptoms, and provide treatment if needed. I definitely feel much more ready to meet the physical challenges that we will face in caring for our family and those with whom we will minister. To learn more about the training, visit Equip's website at:  

Meeting of the Minds

June 15, 2013 - During the first week of June, we had the privilege of meeting with Dr. Ken Fielder and a wonderful group of people interested and dedicated to the translation of God's Word into the languages that are still in need. We heard from Dr. Bill Patterson from Mongolia and Dr. Paul Rowland, General Secretary of the Trinitarian Bible Society in England! We heard firsthand reports of what God is doing through Worldview Ministries in Uganda, India, Nepal, and China! We were both encouraged and challenged! Visit Worldview's website at

The Power of the Gospel

How important is the Bible in their heart language?

First Bible in their Language

Watch a people group in Indonesia receive God's Word in their heart language for the first time!

New Song: How Shall They Hear?

Click to watch a new song written by Luke's dad. It was sung with some of the members from Bible Baptist Church in Fairbanks, Alaska. 

(Thanks Cameron for the visuals on the screen.) 

Maps of Tibetans

At least 100 Tibetan groups are located along the Himalayas.
Most of these Tibetan peoples have no Bible in their heart language. Many Ethnic Tibetans are found scattered throughout six countries in Asia.
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