Luke's Testimony

Growing up in a pastor's home, I became familiar with Bible truth from a child. I am grateful for parents who exemplified Christ through their lives and speech. At the age of 14 years, I realized that salvation was a free gift and must be personally received by faith alone in Christ. I trusted Christ to save me after enduring a time of conviction in my heart by the Holy Spirit.


I am so grateful that Christ would love a sinner like me and lay down His life for mine. Because He lives today, I have the hope and assurance that I possess eternal life and no longer fear death and the consequences of my sin! Two verses that really helped me are Romans 5:8,9, "But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Much more then, being now justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him." 

Jamie's Testimony

I grew up in a Christian family and lived next door to the church we attended most of my life. I made a profession of salvation when I was 12 years old and was baptized. Shortly, after I started teaching the toddlers Sunday School class. As I grew up I went to college and started teaching in a Christian School. I had led several people to the Lord, but it wasn't until January of 2005 that I actually realized that I needed to be saved. I was in the process of telling a child how they could be saved when the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said that I had been living a lie and that I had not done the very thing I was trying to teach this child. A few days later I couldn't resist any longer and I repented of my sin and trusted Jesus as my personal Savior! My life has been different ever since filled with peace, joy, and contentment! All glory to the Lord.

Our Children

Our Children

Paul--June 15, 2007--loves trains, dirt, tractors and most of all working with Daddy outside. He is fun loving, loves being a helper, and excited about learning to read. He loves to hear stories from the Bible. Luke has made up a series of stories about "Bill and Gill." The boys love to hear these, and especially like them when they involve meeting heroes from the Bible. Paul has turned into our little protector. He is constantly watching out for Abby and other little children around the nursery--making sure they stay away from the heater, and taking them to their parents if they fall down and telling them it will be ok. I heard Abby crying the other day and went to see what was wrong. As I got close I heard Paul singing. He said he was trying to sing to her to make her feel better!


Jason--10-2-2008--is the soft-hearted one of the bunch, he loves to draw, play in the dirt, make up games, and build forts. He enjoys helping Daddy with outside things and Mommy with the dishes, although I think he just likes getting wet! He reasons well and decided to potty-train himself so that Mommy wouldn't have to buy him any more diapers...sounds weird, but it worked better than prizes! Jason is very concerned about spiritual things, he mentions Jesus and we believe he has trusted Christ as his Savior, even at this young age. It is amazing to see "fruit" from a 3 year old. When we pray for people groups around the world we tell them that these people don't know who Jesus is, and Jason says, "We are missionaries, we can tell them."


Abby--7-1-2010--She is our little princess. She used to like only the boys toys, but now loves baby dolls, riding toys, and of course shoes! She is constantly changing her shoes, whether to some of her own, or to anyone's that happen to be laying around! She likes to help mommy with laundry, cleaning, and washing dishes. Whenever I am in the kitchen cooking she is right there with me helping me with her own set of pots and pans.


Please pray that all of our children will trust Christ as their Saviour and we will be sensitive about this, and be consistent in training them up in the service of the Lord!

Education and Service

My learning began early having been reared in a pastor’s home. I am a third generation preacher and have experienced first-hand the life of a minister of God – both in word and deed. I do realize the importance to continue to retain a teachable spirit if I am to personally grow in my life and usefulness by the Lord.

I had the privilege to attend Christian schools from 1st grade through High School graduation and had the privilege of being taught and mentored by my dad and grandfather. Throughout my teen years I desired to walk with the Lord and be used as a missionary. At Camp Glory at age 17, I surrendered to be a missionary. I had the privilege to go to Ecuador for almost 3 weeks to visit a missionary family. I’ve been able to use the Spanish I’ve learned to witness to many people.

I attended and graduated from Crown College of the Bible in Powell, Tennessee under the leadership of Dr. Clarence Sexton. While there, I surrendered to the call to preach during my freshmen year. I had the desire and opportunities to preach since being very young. As a teenager, I grew in knowledge and zeal and became adamant about being a personal witness. There is nothing I would rather do than to share Christ with the lost and preach God’s Holy Word.


In July of 2006, we were married with our parents blessing! We both spent some time teaching at Heritage Baptist Academy in Arcadia, Florida. In 2007, I was called to pastor Bethel Baptist Church in Lake Placid, Florida. We laboured as unto the Lord, seeking to remain faithful to His Word and flock. We experienced several blessings and were strengthened in our dependence on God. My wife has been faithful in assisting me in the work of the ministry and together we have authored a book, X’s and O’s on Layaway (about our courtship). It is my desire to attain to the following three things in all aspects of life and ministry: 1) To possess and demonstrate the JOY of the Lord. 2) To OBEY the Lord in obedience to His Word in what I believe and teach, as well as how I live. 3) Lastly, to leave an EXAMPLE for others after me to follow.


After four years, God has built and strengthened our faith, provided our needs (Van & Laptop – essential for Deputation), and even sold our house and allowed us to be debt free. My desire and dream to go into missions had grown and I realized that is the purpose for which I was born.  I therefore can take this step as it is confirmed in my own heart this is what God wants.


I know that it is my calling to be a missionary…this is who I am. I have friends who love to pastor, this is what they’ve longed for. This is the primary requirement to be a pastor…desire the office. I no longer desire this work, in this context. It is time to go where Christ has not yet been named. I’d hate to succeed where God doesn’t want me to be!


I identify with the account in Genesis 12, when God led Abraham “to a land that I will show thee.” All Abraham was supposed to do was to leave Ur and go West, the direction God had revealed to him. I understand what life is all about - not a house, not security, not even family. However, for the first years of marriage, this has been helpful as it has allowed Jamie and I to labour together and learn to trust God without much stress.


Now I realize that I can have a part in mission’s work from a pastor’s position. However, my heart is more in pioneer mission work. It would be much easier to find a replacement in the church here in sunny Florida than for a servant on the foreign field. Many pastors (who might actually have a calling for missions) choose to stay and do their part in missions here at home, but who will go? Perhaps, so many others have listened to the pleas of family and friends to take the more comfortable path helping from the home-front rather than going, and therefore we have so few on the foreign fields where many millions remain without a preacher!


Since early 2011, I had learned of the unreached Tibetans in Asia. I was stirred by their need. After resigning the pastorate of our church to go into missions, we moved to Bowie, Texas to train at Baptist Bible Translator’s Institute. While there, I learned about a family who is reaching Tibetans from Nepal. In March of 2012, I visited them in Nepal and saw the need firsthand and knew this is where God wants us to go. We have surrendered to go work with Tibetans in Nepal and serve as the Lord leads. My desire is to establish churches and train Tibetans.

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