Furlough Update Video

Summer 2017

New Ministry Website!

Nepal video presentation

Below: Our presentation about our field of service and burden for ministry.

Deputation presentation

Below: Watch our family sing and hear testimonies by Luke and Jamie.

Q & A about Deputation

with Calvary Baptist Church in Lakeland, FL

Heart of the 10x40 Window

See if you agree!

Most of us have heard of the 10x40 window, where the greatest need for mission work remains. As I have studied these maps, it has surprised me to learn that there is a high concentration of unreached people groups in a particular region. Watch the video below to see for yourself. Perhaps, you will arrive at the same conclusion I have. Although, I must admit that I am a little biased!

The History of World Evangelism

See how the Gospel went Westward

If you enjoyed the Heart of the 10x40 Window video, you will be interested to learn how the Gospel effectively travelled the globe from the time of Christ. Watch the video below to learn about some key ingredients necessary for a people group to receive God's Word and pass it on to future generations!

Mission Song: How Shall They Hear?

Click to watch a new song written by Luke's dad. It was sung with some of the members from Bible Baptist Church in Fairbanks, Alaska. http://vimeo.com/64406211 

(Thanks Cameron for the visuals on the screen.) 

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