Worth the Wait

A few years ago, we wrote a 184 page book about our courtship entitled X’s and O’s on Layaway. Many have asked about it, and we are excited to announce that it has just been reprinted. We gave it a new title: Worth the Wait. We both kept journals from when we met till we got married. We explain why we waited till our wedding day to engage in a physical relationship. It was truly worth waiting for the one God has designed for us to be with and to arrive at the marriage altar God's way: pure and without regret.


 To buy a copy, please go to https://victorybaptistpress.com/product/worth-the-wait/


We are excited to announce that our book Worth the Wait won 2nd place in the marriage category of a Christian writer's competition by Xulon Press!




“While preaching in Birmingham, I met a young missionary couple, Luke and Jamie Knickerbocker. I bought the book they have written, Worth the Wait. At my age, you wouldn’t think I would read a book about courtship and marriage, but I read it the next day all the way through and laughed (or cried) on almost every page. I was so impressed with the book, I bought 50 copies to put in the bookstore here at home, and I am sure we will order more in the future. If you are a young man, or young lady, please read the book. Parents and pastors would do well to get this book into the hands of every young person they know before they enter into a serious courtship.”

 - Dr. Jim Fellure, Editor of Victory Baptist Press


Watch Luke tell part of the story to a group of teenagers!


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