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 There are over 5 million Tibetans, yet not even 1% know Christ! Most have no Bible in their heart language. You could walk for weeks and never meet anyone who has heard the name of Jesus Christ!


How shall they hear without a preacher? How shall we preach without a Bible?




Dear Friend,
I want to recommend to you my nephew and his family for Missionary support and prayers. Since his conversion, Luke has had a heart on fire for souls. We would go and play basketball in town, and he would end up putting us to shame as he boldly presented the gospel to the unsaved around him.  He was a real blessing to our Dad and served with him in minstry.

Luke and Jamie are proven in the ministry and have been divinely led to minister to the unreached of Nepal. May God bless you as you consider them for partnership for the Gospel's sake. A profoundly thankful Uncle,

Dr. Pete Knickerbocker, Church planting missionary in France since 1989

Dear Pastor and Church, 

I have known Luke and Jamie Knickerbocker since they were teenagers.  Luke and I have been on soul-winning visitation many times.  Even as a teen, Luke had a love for the Lord and love for souls. He had a tremendous impact on the young people and adults at our church in Arcadia, Florida.  I consider him one of the finest young men I have known.  Jamie is a great helper to Luke.  She shares his goals and values, and is a very competent young lady.  I highly recommend Luke and Jamie to the mission field. 


Dr. David Bedell,  Pastor - Heritage Baptist Church,  Arcadia, FL

Dear Pastor and Church,
I would like to recommend Luke Knickerbocker and his family.  Brother Luke comes from a family of preachers and servants of God. He has been a faithful pastor and has a real concern for lost souls.  The church he just resigned supports him financially each month. As his pastor, I will help him in every way possible and pray that other pastors and churches will do the same.
Dr. John Hankins, Pastor - Bethel Baptist Church, Lake Placid, Florida

Dear Pastor and Church,

For the past fifteen years I have observed my son, Luke Knickerbocker, and been impressed with his love for the Lord and his heart's desire to be a foreign missionary. Through the years he has taken mission trips to Mexico and Equador which had an impact on his burden to reach the lost millions who have never heard. I both commend him to the grace of God and recommend him to work with others of like faith and practice.  Jamie, his wife, also has a heart to reach third-world countries.  Her father and brother have taken multiple missions trips which has greatly influenced her life. She is a wonderful wife and mother and willing to follow her preacher-husband wherever God leads him.
Luke and Jamie have not only kept themselves clean and separated unto God before their marriage, but have written a book about it. I would recommend that for young people who are serious about serving the Lord.  Their separation unto God has been the basis for their preparation for the ministry and God's ability to use them in His service.  Please pray for Luke and Jamie and of course their precious children - our grandchildren - Paul, Jason and Abigail as they set out to serve the Lord .  It is my privilege to recommend them to pastors and churches everywhere. They will certainly be a blessing!
Thomas Knickerbocker, Missionary with HELPs Ministries, Lehigh Acres, Florida

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